Recommending Roof Replacement Over Reroofing

From reroofing to roof replacement, there are many different types of roof repair. However, as Tulsa’s trusted roofing company, we do not recommend reroofing as a roof repair option.  A roof is essential to any home for both safety and value. As with anything, it begins to wear out over time. Sometimes, a roof will only need minor repairs, but extensive damage calls for a more in-depth repair.  

Often, this will be in the form of reroofing or a total roof replacement. We recommend a roof replacement over reroofing. You may be wondering why. Roof replacement offers a much longer shingle lifespan compared to reroofing.  

What is reroofing?

Reroofing is the process of laying new shingles on top of old ones. Many roofers use this repair method when the structural integrity of the current roof is solid. Homeowners may be interested in this repair option because of its lower costs and less disruptive repair process. So, what are the disadvantages of it?  

Reroofing reduces the lifespan of shingles by 10-15%. With a reroof, you will find that your shingles will need to be replaced earlier than if installed during a roof replacement. This increases your future roofing costs because instead of one investment, you’ll be making two. 

Unlike a total roof replacement, reroofing is not a form of roof repair, especially to the roof’s structure. For example, existing water damage will only be covered, not fixed. This could lead to major water damage in the future. Additionally, reroofing is not an option for metal roofs. Overall, reroofing is a temporary solution to roofing problems. Eventually, the roof will require a complete replacement.  

What is a roof replacement?

As mentioned, a complete roof replacement is your best option for a long-term solution to roof damage. It involves stripping the old shingles and underlayment and installing new ones. Unlike reroofing, roof replacement fixes the underlying damage instead of simply covering it.  

A roof replacement gives your roof a longer lifespan.  Therefore, it’s a great choice if you’re staying in your home long-term. Depending on conditions and material, a new roof can last up to thirty years before it needs replacing. That way, you have peace of mind for years to come. 

A new roof means you are less likely to spend money on additional repairs in the future. Also, it can increase your energy efficiency with better insulation and energy-saving materials.  

A roof replacement allows you to upgrade your home’s curb appeal. As we all know, a roof can change the look of your home. Dreaming of metal shingles or adding copper accents? Now’s the time to make the switch.  It’s not all about looks either. Updating your home’s curb appeal with a new roof will increase its resale value.  

While a total roof replacement comes at a higher price point, it saves money in the long run. The average cost of a roof replacement varies, because of its longer lifespan and structural repairs. However, we always aim to provide affordable roof repair costs and services.  

Ready for roof repairs?

Consider the benefits of a total roof replacement outlined above. Ultimately, the decision on your roof restoration is up to you. Regardless of your choice, remember to leave the work up to the professionals.   

Do you suspect your roof needs repairing? We recommend an inspection by a professional. Turner Roofing offers a free ten-point inspection to all customers.  

 Contact us today and our non-commissioned roofing experts will help you make the best decision for your home. We have all your roofing needs covered.