Ten Steps of a Roof Inspection 

Roof inspections are vital to maintaining the integrity of your home, which is why Turner Roofing offers free roof inspections in the Tulsa area. A professional roof inspection can find damage that could harm your home.   

Is your roof ten years or older? If so, there’s a good chance it could need some repairs. Don’t wait for more damage to occur. Be proactive about protecting your home with an inspection from a professional roofing contractor. Our Turner Ten-Point Inspection covers all the bases before starting the roof repair process..   

Check for hail and wind damage

Oklahoma weather is notorious for damaging roofs. Depending on your roof type, winds 50 miles per hour and above are capable of harm. High winds are one of the most common reasons roofs need repairs. Signs of wind damage include loose or missing shingles, the edge of the roof curling, chimney flaws and cracks or tears.  

Hail damage varies depending on the size of the hail. Large hail can leave visible dents and cracks on your shingles. Small hail can dislodge granules from shingles which can only be seen if the loose granules are collecting in the gutter.  

Assess loose or missing shingles 

Loose and missing shingles pose a risk of your roof developing a leak. Many factors can lead to the deterioration of shingles. Most importantly, the weather is a common cause of shingle damage.  

Additionally, age is another cause of damaged shingles. The asphalt begins to dry out as shingles age, leading to cracking and curling. The wear and tear leave them susceptible to becoming loose. Assessing shingles is an important part of our free roofing inspection.

Inspect damage caused by tree limbs or small animals

Tree limbs can cause roof damage. Branches that are close to roofs can scrape and scratch against the shingles, removing granules and causing the shingles to deteriorate faster. Wind and other factors also bring the potential for branches, or even the entire tree, to fall on your home, which can cause catastrophic damage.  

Trees near the roof also make it easier for small animals, such as squirrels, to climb on your roof. Squirrels and other animals may seem harmless, but they have the potential to chew through the roof and nest in the attic.   

Look for granule loss on roof shingles 

As mentioned, several factors can lead to granule loss on shingles, including weather and age. The purpose of granules is to protect the shingles from ultraviolet exposure and provide resistance to the elements.  

 As shingles lose their granules, they become more exposed and susceptible to damage. This type of damage can significantly shorten the lifespan of your roof.  

Ensure all HVAC and plumbing flashing does not have cracks in the rubber boot 

As part of our free roof inspection process, we’ll check your HVAC and plumbing flashing. Roof flashing directs the flow of water on roofs to prevent water seepage from areas where water is prone to collect.  

Flashing is installed around features of the roof, like chimneys and vents. Remember, as the flashing and rubber boot attached to it begin to deteriorate, water is more likely to leak through and cause damage.  

Evaluate for proper ventilation

Ventilation is important for proper air circulation inside your home. Heat rises and can get trapped inside your attic. As this hot air builds up it can begin to damage your roof. Mold and mildew will begin to grow as condensation builds up. In the winter, this excess heat can escape to the roof and cause ice dams, which pose a threat to your shingles and gutter. 

Additionally, proper roof vents and ventilation will save you money as a homeowner. The ventilation allows a steady temperature to be maintained indoors, lowering the cost of electric bills and keeping your family comfortable.  

Examine for cracks in ridge shingles

 Ridge shingles are on homes without a flat roof. Ridge shingles are a special type of shingle installed on the ridge of a roof. They cover the gap where the shingles meet on a ridge.   

As they are located at the highest point of your home, they likely will be the first part of your roof to deteriorate with age. It is important to repair them if they begin to crack. Moisture can begin to seep through cracked ridge shingles and cause water damage.  

Inspect siding, stucco, brick and stone that can allow water to enter your home 

Another place moisture can seep through is accents to your home and roof. Like other parts of a roof, they begin to deteriorate over time. They can begin to crack and separate, creating a way for water to enter your home.  

Confirm nails are not popping up or out of shingles

Often, raised shingles are a sign that the nails have become loose. Nails can pop up for many reasons, including improper installation or temperature changes. They are a relatively normal occurrence but if left unrepaired pose the threat of water damage and missing shingles.  

Monitor gutters for clogged down spouts

Gutters can easily become clogged with debris if they are not maintained. Downspouts are what allow water to drain from the gutter. Debris that is not cleared can flow into the downspout and cause it to clog, which prevents water from draining from the gutters. The weight from water build-up can cause the gutters to sag and crack, requiring a replacement.  

Turn to Turner for a free roof inspection  

On roofs new and old, Turner Roofing’s team of non-commissioned roofing experts are thorough in this ten-step inspection to ensure nothing is missed. Only 1 in every 20 inspections requires a new roof. We will present an honest price on your repair or replacement, giving you the best value for your money.  

Let our family help your family. Contact us today to schedule your professional and free roof inspection. Our team of non-commissioned salespeople always provide the most accurate, honest and affordable roof repair appraisal.