Copper Roofing in Tulsa

Upgrade your curb appeal with copper roofing and custom roof jewelry.

Custom Copper Accents

A luxurious copper roof accent gives your home an ageless, classic and refined look. Additionally, a copper cupola roof will give your home or gazebo a distinctive look. Both of these copper roofing additions help improve your home’s curb appeal.

Turner Roofing crafts custom copper accents for your home. Consider adding custom, high-quality cupolas, copper roof vents, chimney caps, finials or custom-steel weathervanes. Most importantly, all of these products are hand-crafted in Tulsa.


turner roofing employs work on a copper roofing accent for a home

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Copper Roofing Services

All of our copper metal roof products are custom and made to order. Therefore, pricing varies based on a range of factors. These factors include the product type requested, dimensions, materials required, installation considerations, and current market value of the metal. For residential projects, custom copper finials start at $300. Prices will increase for large commercial projects. As with all our offerings, we offer free project estimates. Here are a few examples of our services.

  • Copper cupolas
  • Copper finials
  • Copper roof vents
  • Copper chimney caps
  • Copper domes
  • Copper turrets
  • Copper dormers
  • Copper gables

Copper Roofing Upgrades Your Curb Appeal

Cooper roofing accents add a special beauty and timeless elegance to your home. First, we start with a consultation to capture and create our client’s specific wants and needs. Then, we handcraft the copper pieces in Tulsa. Lastly, we work the installation into the timeline of any other roof or construction project for the client. These hand-crafted copper works of art will dramatically change the overall look and feel of your house, as well as instantly adding a refined feel to your home.