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Ten Steps of a Roof Inspection 

Roof inspections are vital to maintaining the integrity of your home, which is why Turner Roofing offers free roof inspections in the Tulsa area. A professional roof inspection can find damage that could harm your home.    Is your roof… READ MORE

Storm Damage & Roof Repair: What To Do First

Oklahoma weather is notorious for causing storm damage that requires roof repair. From tornadoes to hail to strong winds, severe storms can cause damage to homes and businesses. There’s a chance you’ll find yourself in need of roofing services after… READ MORE

Turner Roofing: A Premier Tulsa Roofing Company

Roofing is an important job and the quality of the roof depends on the quality of those doing the work. Oklahoma’s weather leaves many people in Tulsa in need of a roofing company.    For 50+ years Tulsa has trusted Turner… READ MORE

Affordable Roof Repair

At 8.5%, the current inflation rate has us all looking to cut costs where we can. Home maintenance is one of the many services where prices have increased and affordable roof repair is now more important than ever. Homeowners may… READ MORE

Roof vents: Three questions to ask before you install

When deciding the particulars about a new roof for your home, you’ll have to decide what kind of roof vents to install to allow proper ventilation in your attic. You may ask yourself one or more of these questions, Why… READ MORE

Roof Ventilation and Summer Attic Heat

If you’re wondering about roof ventilation because your attic heat is approaching a million degrees, you’re not alone. Oklahoma summers are hot. It’s something we can’t quite get used to despite our experience of living through it every year. Walking… READ MORE