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Metal Roof 101: How to know if a metal roof is for you

In recent years, metal roofs have jumped from just commercial buildings to a residential roofing option for more and more homeowners. In fact, the Metal Roofing Alliance estimates double-digit market share growth for the last decade. And now, metal roof… READ MORE

How to spot hail damage (and what to do when you do)

You can count on a few things when Oklahoma’s springs and summers roll around: You’ll enjoy gorgeous sunsets and days with nothing but blue skies but you’re also guaranteed thunderstorms that will rattle your whole house, leaving hail damage in… READ MORE

Why is a spring roofing inspection so important?

Spring roofing inspections are always a good idea, but after a particularly hard winter, they are more helpful than after a typical winter. And this last winter in Oklahoma was especially brutal – prolonged periods of deep, freezing temperatures, inches… READ MORE

Top ways to extend the life of your roof

Replacing your roof is one of the most expensive home improvement projects you’ll undertake as a homeowner – so you’ll want to figure out how to extend the life of that roof for as long as you can. The good… READ MORE