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COVID-19 adjustments at Turner Roofing

At Turner Roofing, we take the safety of our employees and our clients extremely seriously. And, we’ve modified our practices to adjust to the changing worldwide pandemic and the ramifications from COVID-19. To respond to the pandemic, Turner Roofing offers… READ MORE

Why Realtors should partner with a roofing company

Nothing can slow a home sale going through for a Realtor like an inspection that uncovers needed roof repair or replacement. You’ll go from ‘sign right here,’ to ‘we’ll get someone out to repair that,’ faster than you can say… READ MORE

Why insurance agents should partner with a roofing company

The average roof lasts about 20 years, but in with severe Oklahoma weather, roofing repair or replacement claims are one of the most common insurance claims a homeowner will make. For insurance agents, having an established partnership with a roofing… READ MORE

What are the best roofs for high winds?

Oklahomans know a few things about wind. Afterall, our state isn’t smack dab in the middle of tornado alley for nothing. Even if we don’t get the full-blown impact of an actual tornado, we also win the prize of having… READ MORE

How to prepare your roof for storm season

Life seems a little unsure right now. But, no matter what else is happening around the world, Oklahoma will have spring storm season just like it always does. The normalcy and predictability of that fact seems almost comforting right now, doesn’t it? (At… READ MORE