Roof replacement: What you need to know

It may not be the most exciting form of home renovations, but it’s one of the most important. Yep, we are talking about roof replacements.

Any kind of home repair can seem daunting, and a total roof replacement can seem like one of the most overwhelming tasks to take on for a homeowner. But, it doesn’t have to be! Here are some things to think about as you enter this process to help you get the new roof that is right for you and your home:

Know what kind of shingles are options for you
If you’re like most homeowners, replacing your roof only happens once every 20 years or so. The roofing industry has made many advancements in the last two decades, introducing new materials and protocols that just weren’t around a quarter-century ago. Get up-to-speed on the new types of roof shingles available to you so that you’ll know both what fits your style and what is right for your house and weather environment. We’ve pulled all that information together in a recent blog post: Read The Guide to Roof Shingles When Living in Oklahoma.

Find out how many layers of roofing you have on your current roof
A roof can only have two layers of roofing materials, so if you only have one roof layer currently, you could build on top of that with the new roof. With Oklahoma’s high winds, we recommend removing all layers of your roof before a new roof is installed as this will make the new shingles adhere more strongly to the roof. It will add a little cost and more mess during construction, but it will be a higher quality roof that can stand up better to what Oklahoma weather throws at it.

Go with the best roof you can afford
A new roof is a large expense, a big improvement and sound investment in your home, and you only need to do it every 20-30 years. So, invest now in the best roof you can afford. Your home value will increase immediately, and you’ll be even more attractive to potential, future buyers.

Execute a contract and be sure your roofer explains the process and expectations before they begin
Be sure to review the roofing contract, making sure it lines up with everything you want with your new roof, including expected costs. In addition, a quality roofer will explain all of the details about what you will expect and when you will can expect it before the crew begins. Here’s what should be fully communicated to you before construction on your new roof begins:

  • How long the roof replacement will take;
  • How much mess is expected and a plan for clean up and removal of waste;
  • Review of type of shingles and other materials to be used (make sure this match what you already picked out);
  • Review of decision to strip or layer the new roof.

As the client, you should be clearly informed about every step of the roofing process, and quality roofers will have transparent communication throughout the entire process.

Understand Your Warranty

Maybe you aren’t ready to replace your roof just yet, but you need to know whether or not it needs repairs? Turner Roofing has a 5-year warranty on all roofs. If you are within that time frame, call us for an inspection. This way, you can get the most lifetime for your roof.

With more than 50 years of experience and 70 employees on our team, we’ve installed just about every type of new roof that a homeowner can image. If you need a new roof, let us help you design and install one that will add instant curb appeal and monetary value to your home. For more information about our employee roofers, or to get information on your own roofing needs, call Turner Roofing at 918-258-2585.