Storm Damage Roof Repair in Tulsa

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Storm Damage Roof Repair for Commercial and Residential: Roof Leak and Wind Repair

Living in Oklahoma means you’ll eventually encounter some storm damage to your roof. Even if it isn’t damage from a storm, everyone will need roof repairs sooner or later. We’ve helped thousands of customers with roof leak repairs and high wind damage.

Immediate action after a bad storm (or whenever a needed repair is discovered) will limit damages and minimize consequential issues caused by exposure to the elements. If your roof was damaged by a storm, contact us for immediate assistance. Every member of our Rapid Response Team is experienced, knowledgeable, and equipped to get you back into your home or business. Additionally, every evaluation comes with a free estimate.

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Tulsa Roof Repair and Roof Storm Damage Services

Whether or not it was a storm that caused your roof damage, each roof leak is unique. Certain damage may be visible at the roof surface level. Some water damage will go undetected to an untrained eye, particularly on a leaking flat roof.

A thorough assessment requires an experienced roof repair contractor with highly trained roofing inspectors. First, they will investigate. Then, they will identify the extent and severity of damage to your roof.

Turner Roofing inspectors know how to examine the critical areas of your roof to determine if you need a repair or replacement. Our professional inspectors provide a comprehensive evaluation of your roof at critical check-points on the roof system. In addition, we help with:

  • Insurance negotiations
  • Material defect claims
  • Free evaluations and estimations of storm damage

After a Storm

After a storm rolls through, be sure to contact Turner Roofing. We know the insurance process can be confusing. Don’t worry, because we’re here to help.

Turner Roofing Rapid Response Team

Weather-related emergencies are unfortunate and unavoidable. Immediate action after a weather event will not only limit damages, but also minimize consequential damage caused by exposure to the elements. If your roof has storm damage, call us for immediate assistance. Every member of our Rapid Response Team is experienced, knowledgeable, ready and equipped to quickly repair any storm damage to your home or business.

We’re there when you need us. 

Before You Make a Claim

When a homeowner suspects they have roof damage, their first instinct is to call their insurance company. Once they make that call and open a claim, the insurance company counts it as a claim against them. If the repair ends up costing less than the homeowner’s deductible, then the insurance company doesn’t have to pay toward that claim.

This is why our recommendation is to call us first, and we will inspect your roof for damage. If the repair is less than your deductible, we will advise you on if you should call your insurance company.