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Roof Ventilation and Summer Attic Heat

If you’re wondering about roof ventilation because your attic heat is approaching a million degrees, you’re not alone. Oklahoma summers are hot. It’s something all of us Okies never can quite get used to despite our experience of living through… READ MORE

3 Things You Need to Know About Ice Dam Removal

February is upon us which means that soon it will be snowing, raining, possibly be warm, then snowing again…hey, it’s Oklahoma!  The biggest threat to your roof this winter is by far ice dams. If you’re looking for ice dam… READ MORE

How to Tell if You Have Roof Damage from a Storm

This week Oklahoma was hit with another Tornado. The aftermath of these storms are very trying times. It’s our business to help people repair their roof and we make it a priority to help make the process as easy as… READ MORE