Know what you are getting into: How to estimate new roof cost

Since replacing your roof is one of the biggest expenses you will encounter as a homeowner, you probably want estimate new roof cost. Which can seem overwhelming, but we will break it down for you.

The national average new roof cost is about $7,000, with the average range being between $4,500-$10,000. Independent roof inspectors can charge a couple hundred dollars to inspect your roof – but remember, Turner Roofing always offers free roof inspections and estimates.

New roof cost estimates are based on per square pricing, where a square is a 10×10 square foot area. And, the U.S. Census reports the average home roof is 17 squares or 1,700 square feet, which will give you a basis for your own home. So, if you have an average-sized home, your roof replacement will be about the national average amount. However, if your home is larger, be prepared to have your estimate be higher. Better yet, figure out how many squares your roof would be and multiple your costs by the breakdown below.

The three basic cost areas of roof replacement are the type and cost of the shingles, cost of labor and cost for removal of the previous roof. Here’s a guide to compare to your own personal roof to be able to estimate how much your new roof would be.

New roof cost break down

Asphalt shingle replacement: average $400 per square
Metal roof replacement: average $800 per square
Tin or terne roof replacement: average $900 per square
Clay tile replacement: average $1,500 per square

Roofing labor estimates

$200 per square

Tear off and removal of old roof
$275 per square

In addition, please review this list with your roofer to determine if any of these factors will increase or decrease the overall roof replacement cost:

  • A larger-than-average roof:It’s just common sense. The larger your roof, the more it will cost to replace.
  • Your roof pitch:If you have an extreme pitch to your roof, labor and removal will be higher as the difficulty of the job increases.
  • Outside-the-norm aspects to your roof:Do you have a skylight? Unique chimney? Different types of materials on one roof? The more unique your roofscape is the more of a chance you have for higher labor, materials and removal costs. Be sure you pick a roofer that has experience with your type of roof.
  • Local building codes: Some cities have different (and more expensive) codes and regulations your roofer has to follow. Be sure you hire a roofer experienced in the all the necessary codes for your city.


Still confused on what you’ll be paying? Don’t worry. Call us for a free inspection, and we’ll talk you through the entire estimate. You’ll leave understanding what every penny is for and why it costs what it does, which you should —  after all, it’s all for the roof over your head.