Before you sign: Here’s six things every roofing contract needs to include

It’s human nature. We typically will wait to replace our roofs until we absolutely can’t wait any longer. We often don’t want to fuss over what should be in a roofing contract. But, this contract makes to make sure we have protection.

When talking about the single biggest investment most people ever make – their home and its roof – take the necessary time to review the roofing contract before signing on the dotted line.

Here are some roofing contract must-haves, allowing you to quickly glance through the document making sure all details are explained. If you can’t answer ‘yes’ confidently that these items are in your contract, find a new roofer. This is a once-in-30-years renovation, and you deserve to be 100-percent pleased.

Be sure these questions are answered clearly in your roofing contract:

Are the project start and (just-as-important) end dates clearly established?

Be sure you fully understand when your roofer will begin the work on your roof. And, make sure you have a firm date when the company must be finished. Also, understand the scope of work and the expected duration of the project. This includes clauses that explain what the roofer will do with unexpected time delays because of weather or other factors.

Do the types of materials and products to be used match what you already picked out with your roofer?
The contract should list out the exact type of materials you wanted for your new roof. These materials should be itemized, listed in the quantities needed with specific details such as color selections.

Do you know what building permits will be required?

Be sure the contract contains all of the necessary permits you’ll need from your city to get a new roof. Also, check to see if the contract clearly outlines who is responsible for obtaining these permits. And, make certain the contract spells out when the permits will be obtained.

Do you understand the payment schedule?

Your roofer should explain to you in person what is expected of you financially. Most require some percentage of your total cost at the beginning of the project, and almost all will work with your insurance if you are claiming the repair on your home’s insurance. However, all differ on how to go about this process and what steps are involved for both the homeowner and the roofer. Be sure this process is both clarified to you in person by your roofer and the same plan is written accurately in the contract as well. Don’t get surprised with differing payment schedules or payment plans because the contract is written differently than what you heard from your roofer.

Is your warranty fully explained?

This part of the contract covers you for after the roofer has left and the initial work is done. Be sure your contract clearly establishes your warranty – and what to do if you have an issue or a needed repair. Make sure the contract explains the length of the warranty, coverage and how to request warranty work.

Does the contract offer an option to terminate for the client or roofer?

Any roofing contract should protect the client in case the roofer does not meet the standards outlined in the contract. The contract should include details for how to terminate the contract (by either the roofer or the client). If your contract does not spell out what requirements it would take to terminate the contract, be sure to add this language in before you sign.


With a quality contract that explains all the important components to both you and your roofer, you can go forward confidently with your roofing replacement or repairs. For more information, call us at 918-258-2585, and we can talk through any part of our contracts to help you prepare for your future needs.