Why insurance agents should partner with a roofing company

The average roof lasts about 20 years, but in with severe Oklahoma weather, roofing repair or replacement claims are one of the most common insurance claims a homeowner will make. For insurance agents, having an established partnership with a roofing company can help expedite claims while giving the agent and homeowner the peace of mind that they are dealing with a reputable, fair and honest roofing company. Here are some other benefits for insurance agents who partner with a roofing company:

· Pre-claim inspections. A roofing company can make a pre-claim inspection on the agent’s behalf. If an agency is insuring a home, it’s a great idea to have a qualified roofing company inspect the roof before any damage is claimed. This baseline will allow the insurance agent to understand new damage or the overall state of the roof.

· Suggest preventative maintenance. A roofing company can recommend small or temporary repairs or suggest maintenance that will help extend the life of the roof. Avoiding claims and larger repairs will benefit both the homeowner and the insurance company. A roofing company can help highlight the problem areas to watch for or offer small repair work sooner to avoid major claims later.

· Provide documentation of damage. If damage does occur, a roofing company partner can document all evidence of damage. The roofing company can provide pictures, diagrams, reports and even estimates on the cost of the needed repair. And, since the two entities are working together, this documentation can happen as soon as damage is expected – not days later after the homeowner has alerted their insurance agent.

· Expedite claims. If you have an existing relationship with a roofer before a claim needs to be paid, the roofing company can save the insured and the insurance company time and money by expediting the claims process. Everything is quicker when you know all the parties you are dealing with on a project. A quick call can turn into faxed paperwork, which can turn into site visits and recommendations all in the same day.

· Give unbiased estimations and advice. Because the roofing company is independent and chosen by the insurance company, the insurance agent will receive unbiased opinions and reporting about repairs or replacements needed.

· No up-selling of products or services. With an established relationship with a roofing company, an insurance agent won’t be sold unneeded services or products. No up-selling here. Instead of trying to maximize every roofing job, the insurance agent can relax knowing the partnership with the roofing company will provide many more opportunities – if the company is honest and fair.

Interested in partnering?

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