Do I need a new roof or roof repair?

You might only give your roof a good once over when you are pulling out or into your driveway. Or maybe you only think about the quality  after a big, damaging storm. When looking at your roof do you know what to inspect for or how to spot damage?

Don’t worry. We are experts. Read these basic issues and decide if you need a new roof or roof repair. We’ve listed out 10 questions to ask yourself. Your answers will guide you to know what to inspect on your roof.

Answer these questions below then decide if you need of either a roof repair, reroofing or full roof replacement.

(If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, or if you still aren’t sure after reading this list what you need – Turner Roofing always gives free appraisals and estimates.)

1. Do you have any curled shingles? Are any shingle tabs (that’s three shingles on a single tab) cupped or turned up?

Curled shingles need to be replaced. This is a sign of damage at least to the particular shingle, if not a sign of more damage elsewhere on your roof.

2. Are any of your shingles cracked? Or are you missing any shingles?

Shingles that have cracks or are missing will need inspection. If your roof is less than 15-20 years old and you are missing shingles or some have cracks, these could be replaced or repaired. 

3. Do any of your shingles have bald spots where the granules of the shingle have been worn away?

We’ll need to repair those areas – or discuss a replacement – if you answered yes to this one.

4. Is your roof 20 years old or older?

Some older roofs still will be in good shape even up to 30 years, but if your roof is older, it certainly may need some attention.

5. Have you checked your vents and chimneys?

The flashing and seals around vents, skylights and chimneys can crack, leading to leaks and other decay. Check these to see if there is need for repairs.

6. Have you had recent storms that are causing your neighbors to get new roofs?

If your neighbor and his neighbor both need new roofs because of hail or storm damage, there’s a good chance you do too.

7. Are homes in your neighborhood built around the same time getting new roofs or recently got new roofs?

Just like everything else, roofs have a lifetime. If your home is about 20-30 years old and still has the original roof, it’s time to get it an inspection.

8. Do you have dark patches or streaks across certain areas of your roof?

This could be a sign of moisture build-up or algae growth. This could just need some cleaning with a mild bleach solution. But these dark areas could also need replacements or repairs if more than just surface damage has occurred.

9. Look at the deck (or the flat portions) of your roof. Is it sagging?

All your roof lines should appear straight and not sagging or warped. Sagging decks need to addressed immediately.

10. Check your gutters.

Do you find any roofing materials mixed with the leaves? If you are seeing pieces of shingles or granules that have flaked off shingles, your shingles are not holding up.