How Copper Accessories On Roof Can Add Value to Your Home

A lot of people don’t realize it but copper or galvanized metal roof accessories can really accentuate a house. When people think of roofing they primarily think of the roof itself but did you know that copper roof accents such as finials, copulas, tombstone vents and chimney caps, can actually increase the resale value of a home? 

Roof Jewelry

Chris Meyer, Owner and President of Turner Roofing and Sheet Metal says, “Having copper roof accessories can really make your house look attractive. It helps give the home a very polished, high-end look that many buyers are looking for when it comes to the exterior of a home. That’s why we’ve internally called our copper roof accessories, ‘roof jewelry.’” 

Customized Copper & Metal Roofs

Turner Roofing and Sheet Metal shop can customize these roof accents to outfit any roof. Most people want to add copper to their roof but galvanized or painted metal can also be used. “One thing to be aware of when going with galvanized or painted metals is that some neighborhood covenants don’t allow them so if you live in a neighborhood with covenants or HOA it’s best to check what the ordinance allows for before you order,” says Meyer. 

Another area that is becoming popular to utilize some of these copper roof jewelry is outdoor spaces that have custom outdoor fireplaces. “A lot of people call us to fabricate a custom copper outdoor fireplace chimney cap,” says Meyer. The copper on the outdoor fireplace chimney cap gives the outdoor space a very classy appearance. If you’re going to build an outdoor space you may as well do it right. 

New Metal Roof

Turner Roofing and Sheet Metal has been in business for over 50 years. Most people don’t realize that they offer sheet metal work such as the copper roof accessories. JW Harrington, the Turner Roofing Residential Sheet Metal Shop Manager is a second-generation Turner employee. “Sheet metal work is a learned trade,” says Harrington. He learned the trade from his father, Gene Harrington, who now operates as the Senior VP of Residential Sales for the business. 

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