Q&A: Know how to handle winter roofing maintenance

Need tips on winter roofing maintenance?

Just because we are in the middle of winter doesn’t mean roof maintenance needs to be ignored until spring arrives. In fact, winter weather can cause a lot of roof damage that might need immediate attention. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that will help you with winter roofing maintenance:

Can a roof be repaired in the winter?

Not only should you address needed roof repairs in the winter, if you avoid roof repairs needed during colder months you may find yourself with larger issues to deal with once spring arrives. What starts out as a need to replace a few shingles can turn into interior leaks and drywall issues if ignored. The majority of roof repairs can be completed without issue in the winter. However, take note: Cold weather can prevent immediate sealing between shingles. However, roofers can add caulk to provide the sealing needed immediately.

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How cold is too cold to install shingles?

Asphalt shingles can be installed in cold weather, as long as it’s not below freezing. We recommend installing shingles in cold weather if it is above 40° Foutside. If it gets too cold, the shingles might become brittle or break. But, in Oklahoma, it is often above 40 degrees during winter days and installation can be scheduled accordingly.


What is the lowest temperature to install a roof? 

We don’t recommend installing a roof if it is below 40° F.

How do I keep my gutters from freezing in the winter? 

One major component to winter roofing maintenance is tending to your gutters. First, be sure your gutters are clear of any debris before winter weather and freezing temps roll into town. Secondly, make sure your gutters are installed or adjusted to be at a slight slope. This allows water to naturally drain out of your gutters. Finally, invest in gutter guards to keep leaves and storm debris from clogging drains. Clogged gutters can crack or separate from your roof if ice and snow pile around the other debris.

Will shingles seal in cold weather?

Yes, shingles will seal in cold weather if it isn’t freezing outside. Shingles can be installed and will seal down to 40° F. In addition, roofers can supplement with caulk to create an immediate seal because of cold temps.

Are icicles a bad sign? 

They could be a bad sign, yes. Icicles could be a sign of an ice dam, or a ridge of ice at the edge of a roof, which can prevent melting snow and ice from draining from the roof.

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Should you remove downspouts in winter?

Leave them, especially in Oklahoma! In this part of the country, our winter weather blows in and then our temperatures warm up above freezing again a day or two later. This means, winter precipitation melts quickly, causing a need for a downspout to handle melted snow and ice just as much as spring rain run off or summer storms.

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