Why Realtors should partner with a roofing company

Nothing can slow a home sale going through for a Realtor like an inspection that uncovers needed roof repair or replacement. You’ll go from ‘sign right here,’ to ‘we’ll get someone out to repair that,’ faster than you can say ‘water damage.’

Avoid more delays than necessary by establishing a partnership with a trusted roofing company. A relationship with a roofer you have on speed dial will allow you to offer cost-conscious and time-efficient options for needed repairs that hold up closings. Not only saving time and money, a partnership with a roofing company can help you work through sticky situations like who pays for what and how to negotiate with both the seller and the buyer. Here’s some other benefits to consider:

A roofing partner can give a second opinion. Typically, you’ll reach out to your roofing partner once your inspector has already determined the home you’re trying to sell needs roof work. That’s means when you call your trusted roofer, he or she will actually be checking the work of the inspector. They’ll give you a second opinion. They might decide more or less work needs to be done, and they’ll offer a fresh perspective that you can pass along to your buyers and sellers.

The roofing partners can make repairs needed quickly. Because you have a pre-existing relationship, once your roofer has inspected the needed work, they can jump in with repairs as soon as everyone’s schedule allows. You won’t need to search for a company or wonder if you can trust the work. Building a relationship not only means you know who to call first, it allows you to know you can trust them to do the work as well.

You’ve got built-in free estimates. Have questions? Not sure what you’re looking at or what needs to be done? If you have a partnership with a roofing company, call them when you have questions. Call them to come out and give you a free inspection on what needs to be done. You might need a roofer to come give an estimate as the seller is getting ready to put a house on the market. Some roofing companies will give free estimates, but having a partnership guarantees free estimates — and free answers to any of your questions.

Partner roofing companies can speed up closing with quick and timely reports. When sellers must complete repairs on a roof in order for a sale to go through, closing companies will require proof that repairs have been made. A partner roofing company can provide a detailed report of completed work as soon as the repairs are completed, knowing it is crucial for the sale of the home to be completed.

Overall, a roofing partner makes a Realtors’ lives easier. Partnering with a roofing company can help you get second opinions, estimates, completed work and even completed sales faster to your clients.

Realtors, consider looking for a trusted, professional roofing company to partner with to help guide you through fixing roofing problems prior to closings. Turner Roofing has more than 50 years of experience in the roofing industry, and we’d be honored to partner with you. For more information on how to partner with us, call us at 918-258-2585.