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Storm Damage & Roof Repair: What To Do First

Oklahoma weather is notorious for causing storm damage that requires roof repair. From tornadoes to hail to strong winds, severe storms can cause damage to homes and businesses. There’s a chance you’ll find yourself in need of roofing services after… READ MORE

Turner Roofing: A Premier Tulsa Roofing Company

Roofing is an important job and the quality of the roof depends on the quality of those doing the work. Oklahoma’s weather leaves many people in Tulsa in need of a roofing company.    For 50+ years Tulsa has trusted Turner… READ MORE

Roof vents: Three questions to ask before you install

When deciding the particulars about a new roof for your home, you’ll have to decide what kind of roof vents to install to allow proper ventilation in your attic. You may ask yourself one or more of these questions, Why… READ MORE

Roof Replacement: What you need to know

It may not be the most exciting form of home renovations, but it’s one of the most important. Yep, we are talking about a roof replacement. Any kind of home repair can seem daunting, and a total roof replacement can… READ MORE

Can a new roof help save on energy costs?

Tired of energy costs that always seem to be going up? More than half of all the money homeowners spend on energy each year goes to simply heat and cool their home, with an estimated $40 billion spent annually to… READ MORE

Find the Best Roof for High Wind Damage

Oklahomans know a few things about high winds and high wind damage. After all, our state is smack dab in the middle of tornado alley. Even if we don’t get the full-blown impact of an actual tornado, we have lots… READ MORE