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Affordable Roof Repair

At 8.5%, the current inflation rate has us all looking to cut costs where we can. Home maintenance is one of the many services where prices have increased and affordable roof repair is now more important than ever. Homeowners may… READ MORE

Roof Ventilation and Summer Attic Heat

If you’re wondering about roof ventilation because your attic heat is approaching a million degrees, you’re not alone. Oklahoma summers are hot. It’s something we can’t quite get used to despite our experience of living through it every year. Walking… READ MORE

What is right for you? Metal roofs vs. asphalt shingles

In the last decade or more, metal roofs increasingly have found their way into residential use. In 2015, the Metal Roof Alliance estimated roofers installed 750,000 metal roofs on U.S. homes. Since then, we’ve seen double digit market growth for… READ MORE

How To Navigate Hail Damaged Roofs

Spot Hail Damaged Roofs Storm season has finally passed, and we are starting the dog days of summer. How did your roof fair during tornado and hail season? These hot summer days are the perfect time to take a look… READ MORE