Why is a spring roofing inspection so important?

Spring roofing inspections are always a good idea, but after a particularly hard winter, they are more helpful than after a typical winter.

And this last winter in Oklahoma was especially brutal – prolonged periods of deep, freezing temperatures, inches and inches of snow and ice and wind whipping it all around. While we were all inside staying warm and cozy, our roofs were taking the brunt of winter’s worst for us.

Now is the perfect time to have a professional provide a spring roofing inspection to see if any damage has occurred during these past brutal winter months. Preventative maintenance like a spring roofing inspection can catch small issues now that currently are easy fixes. And, it can stop them from becoming larger issues later as we endure spring storms.

Here are some of the questions Turner Roofing will answer with a spring roofing inspection to see how your roof made it through one of the worst winters in Oklahoma history.

Does the roof have any active leaks?

Inspectors will look both externally and internally for any signs of leaks stemming from roof damage.

Have any animals infested the attic and damaged the roof, roofing materials, insulation or attic?

Often, small animals seek warm areas like attics during cold weather. This can be both dangerous for the animal and very damaging to your attic and roof. Inspectors will look for any signs of animal entry or damage and repair it before it causes further damage.

Are any gutters clogged or damaged?

Inspectors can highlight areas that need to be cleaned out or gutters that need to be repaired due to storm damage. Repair damaged gutters quickly as they can cause water to back up on the roof leading to further damage.

Does the chimney have signs of deterioration?

Moisture from cold weather can cause cracks in the flue and cause masonry to deteriorate as it seeps inside. However, a properly cared for chimney can help homeowners avoid major issues.

Preparing for your spring roofing inspection: Before having a roofer come out for a spring roofing inspection, here are a few things you can do to take care of some small issues so inspectors can more easily see larger issues.

Examine your roof.

Make a list of areas that could be damaged – do you see any missing shingles? Damaged shingles? Do you see any areas that appear to be sagging? Are you having any leaks or moisture issue? Be sure you have those items listed out so your inspector can be sure to take a particular look at these areas.

Walk around your attic.

Do you see any signs of animal life? Does any of your insulation look disturbed? Does it appear that your vents are all working properly?

Clean out your gutters.

Removing all the built-up debris will allow the inspectors to be able to see any damage to your gutters much easier.

Trim back any overarching, dead or broken limbs

Our winter storms broke a lot of limbs off trees, snapping under the weight of ice. Be sure to clear all these limbs from on and around your roof so inspectors can see and inspect any damage to the roof.

Schedule your free inspection:

Most importantly, Turner Roofing always provides free inspections. With that guarantee, scheduling a spring roofing inspection can only help you assess the qualities and imperfections in your roof. And, if we find some things that need to be addressed before our spring severe weather hits, we can help with that too. Call us at 918-258-2585.

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