Turner Roofing Now Offers Solar Energy Supplies!

Make Your Home Energy Efficient With Solar

We are excited to announce that Turner Roofing now offers solar supplies through a partnership with PAIC!

You trust our team with your roof, and we trust PAIC Solar for your solar installation. PAIC Solar is a local, family owned company working to provide quality solar installations throughout Oklahoma. While inflation continues to sky rocket, we can help you take back control of your rising monthly electric costs.

Choose Solar

Oklahomans have experienced one of the highest utility escalations in the nation. However, PAIC has the ability to give you peace of mind and consistency with a fixed rate for years to come. Plus, solar installation can be made simple and affordable!

Want to own your electricity?

When it comes to making a decision about solar roofing, ask yourself: “Why do people buy a home instead of renting?” Your answers may range from tax advantages to the important ability to grow equity. Owning a home and building equity increases the money you place in assets, which builds financial stability. If you own your home, then why continue to rent electricity?

By installing solar panels on your roof, you’re owning your power. This gives you a fixed cost that you will payoff — and eventually own. If you pay your current electric bill for the next 50 years, you’re only left with a bill (and not much else). An investment in solar will not only allow you to save money in the long run, but also add additional equity to your home. And who doesn’t want to build more home equity?

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