Metal Roofs: Is it right for you?

Metal roofs are being added to all kinds of residential homes in ways we used to only see in commercial roofing jobs. The addition of metal roofs to residential homes brings a textual difference to the exterior that adds not only architectural details but also durability to a home. Some opt to add metal roofing to part of their roof design – like on a porch, over a bay window, roof gable or other point of interest of the home. Others go all in and have a metal roof on the entire home. Either way, because of their durability and longevity, metal roofing is a growing trend we know will be around for a long time.

Considering a metal roof on your home? Here’s some pros and cons to keep in mind as you decide:

Metal Roofs: PRO

Hands down, a metal roof is the most durable roof you can have on your home. They will outlast an asphalt roof by decades. In fact, most metal roofs are expected to last for 30-50 years.

Metal Roofs: CON

Metal roofs will cost two-to-three times more than a traditional asphalt roof. And, labor to install a metal roof is higher as well, as the roofing company must have skilled labors who know how to properly install a metal roof. If you plan to live in your home for several more years, you’ll make your investment back because by never replacing your roof again. However, if you see a move on the horizon, you probably won’t see that investment return. Even with the popularity of metal roofs rising and the durability being passed on to the new owners, the home’s value won’t increase enough to cover the initial cost.


Fire resistance.
Metal roofs have the highest fire resistance rating available, which is a Class A rating. This is an obvious benefit to homeowners, however, be sure that you install the metal roof without an old asphalt roof underneath. Metal roofs typically can be installed on top of old, asphalt roofs, but this will lower its fire rating to Class C.


Can be slippery and dangerous.Items naturally slide off metal easily, which is a plus if you are talking about snow, rain, leaves or other debris. However, if you have to investigate an issue on your roof or if you are just up there arranging Christmas lights, it is much easier to slid off the roof than with a traditional asphalt roof. Metal roofs don’t allow for snow build up, but they are slippery for anything that gets up there as well.


Go green.
Metal roofs are the most environmentally friendly roof you can have on your home. All metal roofs have at least 25 percent recyclable materials to start with, and the entire roof is recyclable once you replace it (in 50 years!).  With big sheets of metal instead of many, many asphalt roofing pieces, metal roofs have significantly less waste during installation as well.


If rain beating down on a metal roof is a soothing, relaxing sound to you, then the noise associated with a metal roof is only a plus for you. But, and especially if the entire roof is metal, some homeowners can get overwhelmed by the sound of the storm on their roof. If you are in doubt, try to visit some homes or businesses to see what the weather sounds like when it is on the metal roof. Ask the homeowner or business owner if they like the sound or hate it. You’ll want to be sure you love it before you commit to hearing it for the next 30-50 years.

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