The Most Popular Roof Designs Right Now

Just like shiplap and white kitchen cabinets are featured in every home design magazine and HGTV show made in the last few years, roof design and roofing materials come in and out of style as well. From new construction and housing additions to replacement roofs and storm-damage repair, our experts at Turner Roofing see all kinds of different roofing designs throughout Tulsa and northeastern Oklahoma. And, since we’re a roofing company in Oklahoma, we follow what’s happening in the roofing industry throughout the country to see and learn what trends are popping up in our field.

In all our work and travels, here are some roofing designs we’re seeing locally and nationally that are trending. Keep these in mind when you’re planning what you’d like in your next roof.

Gable Rooflines

The style of your roofline can add a lot of character to your home. A traditional, but currently trending roofline is a gable roof. This roof has two areas pitched at the same angle, and several types of gable roofing are popular right now like front gables, Dutch gables, single gable, and cross gables. Any of these gable styles would add drama and visual interest to your roofline and to the overall exterior of your home. If you’re building a new home or adding an addition to your current one, consider playing with your roof design with any of these gable options.

popular roof design - gable roofs
An example of Gable Roof from

High Roof Pitches

In addition, consider the type of roof pitch you’d like for your home. The trend in the last several years is significantly higher roof pitches than in decades past. These higher roof pitches add to the height and overall grand feeling that a larger, taller roof can give a home. Fair warning: High roof pitched roofs also come with higher price tags, as more materials are needed to create these higher pitches. However, new home construction uses higher roof pitches almost exclusively, so it looks like this trend is here to stay for a while.

Flat Roofs

In contrast, we’re seeing some homeowners go in the opposite direction: Flat roofs. These roofs were popular decades ago, but we’re seeing an increased demand for them in the residential sector again. This type of roof lends a modern look and are angled slightly to help with drainage issues.

Metal Roofs

One trend that keeps increasing in popularity: metal roofs. Metal roofs also have an incredibly long lifespan: They are highly durable as they are impact and weather resistant. In addition, this easy-to-clean roofing material is fully recyclable, and it easily can support solar panels, if you want to diversify the energy options of your home. All by itself, though, metal roofs are energy efficient, as well, as they reflect heat well to help the indoors remain cooler in the summer, and they also retain heat in the winter. Learn more about metal roofs vs asphalt shingles here.

Turner Roofing constructs custom metal roof accessories. Learn about our metal shop here. 

Green Roofs

A fun trend we are seeing crop up, literally, are living or green roofs. These roofs use a traditional flat roof and turn them into a rooftop garden. Roofers take a flat roof and add a waterproof rubber layer and root barrier. After installing a drainage system, homeowners can plant plants, greenery or even vegetable gardens to turn unused space into green space.

Roof Designs - Green roof

When planning a new home or home remodel, most people don’t consider how the roof design or roofing materials can either make your house look like it’s updated and current or dated and dowdy. At Turner Roofing, we can walk you through the entire process – from identifying your needs to planning your solution – and get you the home exterior that matches your dreams.