‘Tis the Season: Five ways to deck the halls while also protecting your roof

Nothing says Christmas quite like the twinkle of lights lining your roof and Santa and his sleigh near your chimney with his eight tiny reindeer dancing across your shingles.

In fact, the National Retail Federation estimates consumers will spend several billion – with a B – on holiday decorations to adorn both the inside and outside of homes this holiday season. So, if we all pour that much cash to show our Christmas spirit, we should make sure those decorations bring us holiday magic – and not damage our roof in the process.

Here’s five dos and don’ts about how to install your holiday displays to ensure you are Ho-Ho-Ho-ing all the way through December and not boo-hooing come January.

Skip the staples.

Your dad might have grabbed his staple gun and got to work stapling decorations or lights directly into the top materials on his roof. What might have looked manly – and quick – could (and probably did) damage his roof. In fact, don’t use nails or tacks or anything that will puncture your roofing, gutters or any exterior material on your home. Holes could allow moisture to slip through and lead to rot and damage. Instead, use plastic clips to adhere lights to their spots and ropes and sandbags to any roof displays.

Work on the ground before climbing the ladder.

For safety and ease, stay on the ground for all the initial work you need to do when working on outdoor displays. Untangle lights – and test every string. Replace bulbs and gather all needed supplies before climbing up on the roof. And, safety first: Make sure you are using a sturdy ladder, and have someone who can be outside with you to spot you as you work above your head, from the ladder or from the roof.


Use your lawn.

For displays other than lights, consider placing your decorations on your lawn. Outdoor Christmas displays can be heavy, and the weight of the decorations or the weight of the items needed to hold them in place can damage your roof over time. Santa will look just as nice waving from your yard, we promise.

Steer clear of chimney displays.

The Santa displays that have him peeking out of the chimney, or falling in while his feet stick out, are festive and fun. Unfortunately, they can also prove to be a hazard – especially if you decide to roast chestnuts by an open fire inside. That heat can melt dear old Santa or cause light bulbs to burst. You’re better off just avoiding these decorations altogether.

Watch the pitch of your roof.

A lot of newer homes have roof pitches that are much steeper than homes built less recently. These pitches can present challenges to homeowners who like to use this space to decorate. Make sure your roof pitch will allow for decorations to stay securely – and not slide off unexpectedly. If you have a higher pitch roof, consider decorating the areas with lower pitches or stick to ground displays. Make sure your decorations on high pitch roofs are also safe from wind damage! 

We want to wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season filled with wonderful Christmas lights and festive displays. If you find yourself in need of home roof repair or a. roofing replacement, call us at 918-258-2585.