Four reasons why hiring a roofing company with employees – not contract workers – makes a difference in your roof

A roof is only as good as the roofers that put it on. And, if your brand-new roof is installed by daily contract employees who won’t be around after the job is done, the difference can show in the quality, durability and resilience of the roof.

At Turner Roofing, all our roofers are also our employees, which means they will be with us long after we finish your home. We provide a good wage and fair benefits because we believe in growing a team, not hiring someone for the day.

Here are four solid reasons why you should hire a roofing company that has roofing employees, not daily contract workers:

1. With employees, quality workmanship and accountability increase.If an employee knows that he or she will not only finish one job but also be around for the next one and many after, he or she knows the quality of work matters. However, if hired for only one day or maybe one job, there is no incentive to work harder. We like our employees’ built-in incentive and pride in their workmanship. It shows in our roofs, and it shows in our customer’s satisfaction.

  1. Employees will have undergone backgrounds checks.If a roofing company is hiring for the long term, they will want to know the credibility and criminal history of every employee. As a homeowner, you have the same right to know who is working on your property. All Turner Roofing employees have undergone an extensive background check. When you hire us, you know we’ve done the research for you.
  2. It’s quality over quantity. Did you know contract roofers are paid differently than employee roofers? Typically, a contract roofer is paid per square footage roofed, which encourages day contractors to roof as fast as possible. Instead, employee roofers (and those at Turner Roofing!) are paid hourly, meaning they can take their time and make sure the job is done correctly instead of rushing through to make as much money as possible.
  3. Employees are part of a company, where training, guidance and company loyalty can be fostered.
    Employee roofers are part of the group of like-minded tradesmen, meaning they also part of the group that is responsible for customer satisfaction, client retention and company growth. Unlike daily contract workers, an employee’s success is tied directly to the company’s success. At Turner Roofing, our employees learn to be part of this customer-centered culture, and they are focused on delivering a quality product and creating a happy customer. When that happens, everyone wins.

With more than 50 years of experience and 70 employees on our team, we believe strongly in investing in people, being around for the lifetime of our customer and delivering a quality roof from skilled tradesmen. For more information about our employee roofers, or to get information on your own roofing needs, call Turner Roofing at 918-258-2585.