When is the best time to make roof repairs?

For many, the only answer to “when is the best time to make roof repairs” is “right now,” as a roof leak lets water pour inside or a severe storm threw a tree branch through the roof creating an unwelcome, new skylight.

Of course, if repairs are an emergency, the best time to make those repairs is as soon as possible.

But what if you’ve just noticed some wear-and-tear over the last couple of months or small issues creep up over the course of the year? If you have repairs that don’t necessarily need to be rushed, when should you work to schedule those repairs with a professional roofer?

In Oklahoma, the best time to make roof repairs is the fall.

Here are a few reasons why fall is the best time to make repairs to your roof:

  • In the fall, Oklahoma typically cools down from the intense heat seen in July and August. Roofing materials will stand up to the heat, but they will install better in the milder (but often still warm) temperatures of an Oklahoma fall.
  • Professional roofing companies can make time for routine maintenance and repairs in the fall more easily than other times of the year. In the spring, Oklahoma roofers are busy with storm damage and storm-related repairs. The fall usually is significantly calmer than other seasons in Oklahoma, giving roofers a nice stretch of cool, clear weather to work on repairs.
  • Making roof repairs in the fall will also allow your professional roofers to assess any other needs to prepare your roof for the winter weather. With the known, needed repairs completed and an evaluation of any other issues reviewed, you’ll have peace of mind your roof will withstand anything Old Man Winter brings. Bonus, fall repairs that prepare your roof for winter usually mean you’ll be ready for Oklahoma’s spring storm season as well.

If you need some repairs made or if you would just like a free inspection to see if your roof has any maintenance needs, contact us to schedule an appointment. We’d love to help.

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