Pros and cons: What are the best roofing materials for my roof?

When it is time to replace your roof, it can be fun to think about new materials that might give your home a new look and feel or simply provide an update to your exterior. But, it can be overwhelming not knowing which type of roofing materials will work best for your home – and your budget.

Here’s our quick Roofing Material Reference Guide to determine the pros and cons of the most popular roofing options so you can determine what roofing material would work best for you.

Asphalt is king

Asphalt shingles are the most common and popular shingles you’ll find in Oklahoma and across the country. This tried-and-true roofing material is a go-to option for many homeowners because it is plenty durable while also being affordable.


Available in many different colors
Less expensive than many other roofing options
Easy for roofers to install
Rated highly against hail damage


While asphalt does last decades, other roofing options will last longer
Less insulating that other options
Not eco-friendly

Here is a direct comparison of asphault shingles vs metal roofs.

Synthetic shingles provide beauty and durability – at a price

This roofing option combines materials like rubber, plastic and other polymers to create a roof that mimics the look of wood shingles or slate tiles, but they also come with the durability of rubber or plastic. While less expensive than the materials they impersonate, synthetic is still significantly more expensive than options like asphalt.


Good in Oklahoma weather
Can be customized in many colors, textures and looks
Lasts for decades
Low maintenance


Costs about four times more than traditional options like asphalt
Can be harder to find source materials

Wood shake shingles look so lovely

Many homeowners love the look of wood shingles on their homes, and you can’t deny the character they immediately add to an exterior.


Provides a rustic look
Made from organic material
Simple to repair or replace
Good insulator


Flammable. Some city fire codes won’t allow them
Must be installed properly to lessen mold and rot issues
Higher maintenance issues
Less durable

Metal roofing is all the rage

Metal roofs have always been a great alternative roofing material, but it is increasingly becoming more popular for residential uses for the aesthetic appeal. Whether you pick metal roofing for an accent section on your roof or have your entire roof replaced in metal, you’ll be on trend right now. (And, you’ll have a roof that will withstand most anything Oklahoma throws at it!)


Very durable, low maintenance
Energy efficient
Increasing number of styles and colors


Difficult to install
Costlier than many other options

Mediterranean vibe? Use tile if it fits your style

Clay or concrete tiles give your home a Mediterranean or Spanish flare that is perfect for certain types of architecture. If your home fits these types, tile roof is almost a must. Most other types of roofs will not fit the overall style of the home.


Perfect for several different styles of home
Lots of colors, styles and glazes to choose from
Will last 50 to 100 years
Concrete tiles are less expensive than clay


Difficult to install
Colors can fade
More expensive
Tiles can crack or chip
Not weather-proof, so you are relying on your under-roof to seal your home from inclement weather

Slate is universally great(if affordability isn’t a concern!)

Simply put, slate is a beautiful option for roofs, and it adds elegance to any home. Plus, it’s highly durable, fire resistant and lasts a lifetime – literally. Of course, this beauty and durability comes at a price: Slate is just about the most expensive roofing option you can choose. Consider slate if you are in your forever home and if this is the last roof you ever want to purchase.


Almost indestructible
Low maintenance and will last for more than 100 years


Hard to install – needs specialized skilled roofers
Quality can vary depending on type of slate used

Every unique type of homeowner and home deserves a roofing material and individualized roofing option just for them. For more information, call us at 918-258-2585, and we can show you all these different types of roofing materials to find the best fit for you and your home.